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About Resilient Hope

Our Mission

Our mission is to create resources to help people heal from the emotional trauma of school violence. We focus on two primary types of resources:

  • Stories of Healing. We feature survivors as they share their stories of what healing looks like for them and how they found it.
  • Knowledge from Experts. Experts share what they’ve learned in their studies.


The Story Behind Resilient Hope

Kathy Carlston, founder of Resilient Hope, is a Columbine survivor who became a filmmaker. After hearing of tragedies all over the world, she decided to put together a free library of video resources for survivors of trauma.


Resilient Hope’s primary goal is to empower people to hear and share stories of healing and researched data about post traumatic healing and growth. Through survivors having a place to share their journey toward healing, we envision individuals and communities being able to turn their darkest times into beacons of hope for others.

Resilient Hope will create short documentary-style vignettes for people who have been affected by trauma to watch for free, online. Resilient Hope will gather and interview survivors of traumatic incidents as they share their journey toward healing. We will also create videos featuring research-based information from experts in the field of trauma recovery.

Survivor and expert testimonials combine to deliver real accounts of recovery, and research-based information to aid in the process of healing. Resilient Hope will also provide those once devastated by traumatic events with an empowering way to use their voices to help lift others through sharing the gift of their stories. We ultimately see the work of Resilient Hope as not only seeking to aid recovery in the aftermath of violence, but also inspiring crucial conversations on violence prevention.

Our Vision & Values

We envision a world where:

  • Trauma survivors enjoying health, happiness, equality, and are treated with respect
  • Negative outcomes for trauma survivors are drastically reduced
  • Schools and other public places are safe and welcoming
  • Families and friends have tools to support their loved ones

We value:

  • Celebration of unique identities and intersections of experience
  • Integrity in all interactions
  • Transparency in operations and governance
  • Excellence in all services, education, and trainings
  • Best practices that promote health and well-being

Resilient Hope is a non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible

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