We’ve been pretty quiet around here, and I wanted to write a short note to explain why. We’ve submitted paperwork to become a fully fledged non-profit. Currently, we’re waiting while the IRS reviews our paperwork. According to a letter they’ve sent us, this should happen sometime in the next 90 days.

In the meantime, we’re working on building relationships with talented media production professionals. While it’s likely that there are a number of artists who would be willing to volunteer their time, we are waiting until we can begin to collect donations. Media production requires expensive equipment and a team of people who all contribute their time and skill. We’d like to wait until we’re in a position to compensate these artists for their work. Again, we might be able to find people willing to volunteer, but those are the very people who we would like to compensate the most.

So, while we wait, we’ll work to update this blog more often. Thanks for following!